Brussels php meetup, Transform your old monolith into a nice SOA application


01 Feb 2017




Mathieu Gillot

Mathieu Gillot

Working in the Social Gaming (Is Cool Entertainment) and Video (Dailymotion) industries for the last 6 years, I specialized in high traffic web applications' optimisation & monitoring, as well as micro services oriented architecture design.
I'm now working at Optimy - a fast-growing international SaaS company based in Brussels - on very exciting projects: refactoring the application, building a complete CI platform from scratch, and making sure that everything runs smoothly.

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Transform your old monolith into a nice SOA application :

Here we'll talk about the migration of an old legacy PHP application to a modern scalable set of services. The presentation will focus on best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and tools that will help you to safely achieve this long-term task. We'll also give some hints to move further, to a fully micro-services environment


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