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Brussels php meetup, Transform your old monolith into a nice SOA application


01 Feb 2017




Web developper, backend, frontend, DBA specialist come and exchange on your passion.

The IT world is in constant (r)evolution.
Come and share your experience or benefit from the community.
All in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Please RSVP to ensure that there is enough food for everyone.
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Mathieu Gillot

Mathieu Gillot

Working in the Social Gaming (Is Cool Entertainment) and Video (Dailymotion) industries for the last 6 years, I specialized in high traffic web applications' optimisation & monitoring, as well as micro services oriented architecture design.
I'm now working at Optimy - a fast-growing international SaaS company based in Brussels - on very exciting projects: refactoring the application, building a complete CI platform from scratch, and making sure that everything runs smoothly.

Course of the evening

Hour Program

Welcome & Food :


Transform your old monolith into a nice SOA application :

Here we'll talk about the migration of an old legacy PHP application to a modern scalable set of services. The presentation will focus on best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and tools that will help you to safely achieve this long-term task. We'll also give some hints to move further, to a fully micro-services environment



Closing and migration to the closest bar for the most motivated :

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