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Brussels php meetup, Enough suffering, fix your architecture!


21 Jun 2017



Location Solutions


Web developper, backend, frontend, DBA specialist come and exchange on your passion.

The IT world is in constant (r)evolution.
Come and share your experience or benefit from the community.
All in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Please RSVP to ensure that there is enough food for everyone.
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Luís Cobucci

Luís Cobucci

A software developer that also loves to share his thoughts about quality, tests and object oriented programming. Active member of the PHP community and contributor to open source projects.

Koen Eelen

Koen Eelen

Koen Eelen is a PHP certified engineer, who has loved writing PHP code since he was 16 years old.
After having great fun at several web agencies, working for NGO's for 3 years, he now develops super cool and fast web applications for
Also loves Javascript, gaming and penguins.
Tux for the win!