Brussels php meetup, Continuous Delivery and Deployment practices


02 Mar 2016




Frédéric Dewinne

Frédéric Dewinne

Continuous Delivery/Deployment addict in the PHP world. After many years of consultancy, Frederic met his partners and created continuousphp in order to help PHP developers to adopt industry standards.
He's also a senior consultant and IT trainer specialized in PHP apps testing (unit test, behavior test...), Zend Framework (also a contributing developer), Zend Server and JavaScript technologies. Particularly interested in industry best practices, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, application and system architecture.

Course of the evening

Hour Program

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Continuous Delivery and Deployment practices :

To ensure a consistent quality for your application during development process, it is key to set up automated testing and deployment tools. Using this kind of tools is the best way to detect and prevent application regression and to improve end user experience.

Use of these tools combined with Continuous Delivery and Deployment practices allows to update applications much faster and more frequently.

This session will give you an overview of the different phases and tools:
Quality Assurance, Continuous Integration, Delivery & Deployment, Unit Testing, Behavior Tests, packaging and roll-back, Deployment Pipeline.


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