Sixth brussels php meetup, Magento 2 in today's PHP universe


28 Oct 2015




Gabriel Somoza

Gabriel Somoza is a Belgium-based PHP Architect and entrepreneur. He currently spends most of his time as Director of Operations at [Strategery]( – a boutique company that specializes in building highly-customized web applications e-commerce stores. He's also a *ZCE* and *Magento Certified Developer (Plus)*.
Gabriel is active in the open-source community with contributions to Doctrine Migrations, ZF2 and is the original author of the Strategery InfiniteScroll extension for Magento (the most popular extension of its class) - among several other small contributions to other projects. He's also the organizer of HasseltPHP, a meetup with 120 registered members in Belgium.
When not working he spends time with his beautiful wife, travels, and does research on new ways of applying technology.

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Magento 2 in today's PHP universe :

How is the Magento 2 architecture going to be relevant in today's rapidly-evolving PHP ecosystem? This talk will not only provide a general overview of Magento 2's architecture, but also put it face-to-face with the latest PHP development practices: like the use of Composer, unit and functional testing, modular design, the PSRs, and more!


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Closing and migration to the closest bar for the most motivated :

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