Brussels php meetup, The Project From Hell - And How To Handle It


21 Mar 2018



Location Solutions


Web developper, backend, frontend, DBA specialist come and exchange on your passion.

The IT world is in constant (r)evolution.
Come and share your experience or benefit from the community.
All in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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Stefan Koopmanschap

Stefan Koopmanschap

Between having a family life, doing a weekly radio show and attending conferences and usergroup meetings, Stefan tries running a company called Ingewikkeld and organizing WeCamp.
Having worked with PHP and several of its open source products since the late 90s, he still likes it for getting the job done.

Course of the evening

Hour Program

Welcome & Food :


The Project From Hell - And How To Handle It :

> Not all projects are created equal. Next to those awesome projects where everything is perfect, including the end product you deliver to the client, there's also the projects you hate and wished you'd never taken on. During this talk, I'll tell you about some of the projects I've been on that were all but perfect and how I handled them, or should've handled them.


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